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duminică, 23 august 2015


Weight: ? kilograms

No weighing on a Sunday and that's that. I totally behaved yesterday so I wish I knew...

Anyway... Not much to say about yesterday... Really short time at the gym as I forgot they were closing at 2:00PM. Ten minutes is not enough but it is more than nothing. 

Had an absolutely great evening last night at the Charly Bar... Made some new friends and met some old ones. But I am really happy that friends back in the UK who witnessed the plane crash at Shoreham, Sussex yesterday are all safe...

For some reason lately my biggest fans are around age four. Yesterday it was actually two and four. They say that children have good instincts. Wish I was that easy in the adult world too...

My 50 minutes walking are done. Woke up at six and, apart from all the trash that has been left from the last night's fiesta I enjoyed the really cool breeze.

It is about time to start the day. Have a good one everyone!

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