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sâmbătă, 29 august 2015


Weight: ? kilograms

Full day yesterday. Absolutely full. Everything as planned. One thing that stood out though is the fact that a song that I have been practising lately has started to come out right both on guitar and vocals. I thought I will never nail it but it seems that I am not really aware of the things I can do with my voice, as I was once told by a famous musician from back home...

Did my morning walk today in two rounds this morning... Have to give it another look into the timing as it seems that I am walking faster which means less time. Will check that one tomorrow morning.

Weekend. Everything on it's way. Are you ready for it? I sure am! Rock'n'roll baby! Ciao! God bless!

PS: the pictures were taken last year inA place called Smartfit... It is the gym next to my parents apartment and that is where I'll be going when on holidays, which is sooon!

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