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vineri, 21 august 2015


Diary countdown: day 360
Weight: 160.9 kilograms
That is 1.3 kilograms in only two days!!! Yessss! Started with 189 kilos in February and was 174 about three weeks ago... I guess having an apple and two glasses of water with squeezed lemon for dinner is the best thing to do ever!
Just about to brake another barrier... The 160 barrier. Not miles per hour. Kilograms! :) Am happy indeed.
So here are the updates... Woke up 6:30. Looked like a bit to late today when I realized on the last part of my power walking around the village that when people and cars start moving around it gets a bit annoying for me... But that is just on the last ten minutes or so... I walked for only half hour which means I will soon have to take another round so I could complete the daily 45 minutes. Don't know if I am faster or just did not calculate accurately my timing before. One thing is for sure: I start speeding up when I feel I am getting tired!
Here's some funny stuff: whenever I go pass my door after the first round of my morning walk, my lazy body tells me to stop. To quit! Well, it is not happening! Telling me to quit is exactly what no one should do! It so happens I love a good challenge. I always go better when challenged. And I mean ALWAYS! As well, the shorts I bought on eBay from Australia last year, that were really tight on me, feel like they are loose and falling off... Soon enough I might donate my gear for a tent factory or something... :)
Minor setback yesterday as I had yet another insulin level drop in the afternoon. It was an awesome day though! Had a great time worshipping God and listening to the word at Costa del Silencio Christian Church and then even more worship in the evening at The Living Room, Tenerife.
More good things started to show up. For one I was told yesterday that I am so disciplined! So nice to hear that, knowing that I really am not! I am just pushing myself. And actually nothing that I am doing is not in my own power but by the grace of God.
I have been trying to do this thing over the last two years and there were always hick-ups on the path. Now it looks like a natural thing! I can count another three good things that I have noticed happening lately... Although I woke up really early yesterday, after having a very busy day I was still feeling energetic during my gig at the Coconut Joe's!
In fact I felt like jumping around with Gretschen in my hands. Of course I did not! For some strange reason whenever I do that people are in the air when I am on the floor so... But I was more energetic moving around easily without sweating that much, which is yet again AWESOOOOME!
Another thing is I can take a cold shower in the morning without any problems whatsoever. But the best part ever is that I no more linger for thirty minutes to half an hour on the side of the bed after I wake up, a thing that I used to do for many years. It was like an old computer starting: slow and on screen-saver mode...
I give thanks to the Lord who has inflicted this, strengthened and empowered me to keep going, against the cravings of the flesh. Was praying on it for a long time and this is part of being born again, because the biggest battle we have to fight is with our own selves after all...
PS: there are few words from the worlds greatest bodybuilder of all times. The first man who ever exceeded the biceps perimeter above half a meter: Arnold Schwarzennegger. I love the part when he talks about what Cassius Clay said: "I start counting only when it hurts". I have seen first Arnold in a book about bodybuilding long time ago, in my teenage days, and it was because of him that I started bodybuilding in my twenties. But something has happened along the way. I set other goals which at the time I thought are far more important. I stopped doing it and the consequences of letting myself slip away are to be seen today. But no more!

Diary countdown
Day: 363
Weight: 162.9
There's a link below to see how to start the LCHF. The fun part about this one is that you can eat without having to count the calories. So after a couple of weeks with incredible results I seem to be at a halt. It is not actually. This is not my first attempt. I started this fight more then two years ago and I know for a fact that sometimes the weight loss stops. Apart from that I was already warned yesterday that the ideal would be for me to lose around 1 kilogram per WEEK so I am not troubled with that...
Getting an appointment with the doctors is a difficult an slow process here if you're asking me... Spent almost 45 minutes yesterday afternoon just standing in line. When my turn came I just could not do it because I was missing a paper (I know for a fact that they can find you in the system if they want, but whatever)...
And a suspicion has risen about the side effects I was having.
Apparently everything, including lack of focus, being fussy or blurred vision is linked to the THYROID gland... Wonder why I was NEVER asked to do a check on that one. I mean I have friends and family that are doctors and they told me, but when doing the checks it was not mentioned. At least not that I recall it. Oh well... It is just a suspicion. Nothing that can't be handled though which is the good news!

Diary countdown: day 364.
Weight: 163Kg
Did not know but what I have been doing over the last month it is a actually a LCHF (Low Carbohydrates High Fat) diet. Every kilogram lost it is a victory. What am I saying? Every 100 grams lost in the process is a victory! So today I am not that happy about it since I have not gone under as expected... It is very difficult though. I started suspecting a couple of weeks ago that there are some side effects (tired, fussy, headaches, sleeping less, lack of focus - had two minor car accidents and almost caused a massive one, all in a week's time, after there was none in years! Even during the gigs strange things as becoming dizzy have happened). I need to put those things under control and am praying on it but I just got some confirmation today from Leigh Scott's blog that nothing is incidental. She is a personal trainer and she really knows her stuff so I highly recommend it! On another note, apparently I would have to make an appointment with the doctorswhich I will do later on today... Can hardly wait to go under 160 kilos and start going to the gym again!

Diary countdown. Day: 365
Will start this diary just so I would remember where I was today.
To remember that no matter what I do I can do better. There is always more.
One might think that this is me being strong. It is not.
It is only by the grace of God I will be able to do this.And the power of the Gospel:
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and SELF-CONTROL. Against such things there is no law".
Galatians 5:22-23
Of course I do not agree with some of the strong words that Arnold uses in the video below. But I totally agree with the general idea. So here we go.
My rules:
1. Trust yourself but trust God more
2. Brake some rules (not the law, the rules!)
3. Don't be afraid to fail
4. Ignore the naysayers
5. Work harder
6. Give something back
7. Look at the 6 rules above. You can do better.

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