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sâmbătă, 24 decembrie 2011


Today it is Christmas Eve ... Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord. Lord of us all. Christians or atheists,  like it or not, Jesus came for all of us ... How we choose to see this fact it is always up to us. We have the free will, but we must be carefull when using it... For me? Christmas is not about Santa Claus,  even if written with  a "K" ... At Christmas we celebrate the birth of a baby that Providence sent us, and this is an undisputable fact ...

When talking about Christmas say all above. Although it seems incredible, there are people who do not have this information, yet celebrate mechanically, out of habit, even if declared atheists. If you are an atheist then why would you celebrate Christmas instead of  supporting your belief? Out of habit? It should be an ordinary day for you isn`t it? Still celebrate it I say! Just please think about what you really are celebrating...

If you're a Christian mention Christ, for Him we celebrate on Christmas day. That is why Christmas is about family and friends ... This year I will only write messages to my family. I can not write each one of you, because I was blessed with so many friends, but my heart is happy with each of those who offered me their friendship.

I would like to send a Christmas card to each and everyone of my friends, but you are all so many that it would ruin me instantly... I was asking myself what to do and how, to show you all that I really wish you a Merry Christmas  ... So this year I choose this way ... Thank you for tolerating me and forgiving me every time I go a little bit out of the line...

Enjoy this holiday wholehearted with your families and have a Merry Christmas!

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